Since we opened our doors, Myoptic Optometry has donated a portion of our exam fees to 4 charities. We’re going to post on each of these, to help explain why we love them so much. Today’s feature: good old OPB.

OPB has been around since 1923, broadcasting from the Oregon Agricultural College (now OSU). From those hick roots it’s grown into five full-power TV stations and over 20 radio stations and frequencies.


Christopher Kimball hosting “America’s Test Kitchen,” now on OPB

Is that our Masunaga GMS line on Chris?

OPB delivers daily news, but there’s a lot more to it than that. OPB has enthusiastically supported Oregon arts (Oregon Art Beat) and the environment (Oregon Field Guide). They explore contemporary Oregon issues (Think Out Loud) and also how history has shaped our world (Oregon Experience). We’re often playing David Christensen’s wonderful webradio station opbmusic at the clinic.

Myoptic supports your visual pleasure, and OPB supports your aural pleasure. Check out their great site: www.opb.org. And thank you for helping them through Myoptic!

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