Our technology along with our amazing doctors set our exams apart. Our doctors can even show patients images of their eyes with technology in the right in the exam room.
And with doctors specializing in dry red eyes, vision therapy, and retinal and nerve diseases, we go beyond just finding the right prescription.

We invest in the latest proven technologies which you’ll notice the moment you walk in the door. Sign in on our digital forms, then have your retinas scanned and your prescription auto-refracted before you even start your exam with the doctor. Our doctors are trained to diagnose beyond your vision and using advanced technologies like the OCT (optical coherence tomography) for a cellular view of your retinas and the keratograph and topographer to microscopically scan your lids and corneas, they can catch issues before they cause symptoms and permanent damage.

Our physicians truly care about your well-being as well as your experience with us. We encourage questions and hope to answer ones you didn’t plan on asking.

Visual acuities.
Color vision testing.
Muscle balancing and range of motion.
Pupil testing.
Refraction for best distance and near vision.
Testing of binocular vision or how eyes work as a team.
Testing of focusing strength.
Examination of retinal and optic nerve health.

Our finish lab is in house which means that we oversee many of our jobs from start to finish. This translates into a faster turnaround time for you, coupled with accountability you can depend upon.
Our Lab manager, Jess brings decades of lab management experience and puts quality in front of all else. We offer what we feel is the best lenses for clarity and durability and can recommend different options based on your individual needs. All lenses are warranted for at least one year though most have two year guarantees against damage from daily wear and tear. Adjustments and minor repairs are always free.

Dry eye treatment can now be targeted to address the
underlying cause of the problem.
With the OCULUS Keratograph® 5M thousands of measuring points are used to measure the whole surface of the cornea and evaluate the quantity of the tear film.
The high-resolution color camera is equipped with intelligent software
to analyze the collected data and document the findings.
It can also compare the results and show the success of the dry eye treatment.

Your retina (located in the back of your eye) is the only place in the body where blood vessels can be seen directly. This means that in addition to eye conditions, signs of other diseases (for example, stroke, heart disease, hypertension and diabetes) can also be seen in the retina.
Getting an optomap image is fast, painless and comfortable. Nothing touches your eye at any time. You simply look into the device one eye at a time and you will see a comfortable flash of light to let you know the image of your retina has been taken.

One of the most important development in eye care in the last decade, this advanced technology scans like an MRI, is totally painless and taking seconds to perform.
Sight threatening diseases such as glaucoma, macular degeneration, and diabetic retinopathy often have no outwards signs or symptoms in early stages. This technology will scan your eyes 3-dimensionally allowing us to see cellular detail which we can show you as well.