Dr. Summy To | Optometrist

Optometry has given me so much to be thankful for. The privilege of meeting and getting to know wonderful people everyday. I love helping people enjoy sharp, comfortable vision for their particular needs, and doing all I can to ensure their eyes stay healthy for a lifetime. Myoptic gives me the perfect space to do what I love and do it the best way I can. I also built Myoptic to be a community partner through donated eye care services, our wonderful donation program and active volunteering with our amazing Portland nonprofit neighbors.

I graduated from the University of California at Berkeley where I studied economics and vision science and received my degree as an Optometric Physician in 1997. After backpacking SE Asia for a year (which I could write another several paragraphs about) and practicing in California for eight years, I found Portland, Oregon and fell in love with its people, energy and beauty.

In my free time, my family is my life. Exercising, cooking, traveling with my favorite people.

Dr. Summy To has been featured in the Oregonian, KGW news, and KOIN local news for her ongoing charity work with IRCO. She has been written up in Women in Optometry, the Portland Business Journal, industry blogs and the Review of Optometry for her work in community causes. She has spoken on various panels and at universities to help other businesses and future optometrists realize their goals. Summy is also a certified personal trainer and is in the process of being certified in NLP coaching.

“Never let your memories be greater than your dreams.”