Myoptic Laurelhurst’s Eyes Wide Open House event with the Elite Yelp crew was one of the funnest nights we’ve had! We are super appreciative to Don and Dr. Allen Kim who set up the event! IMG_9038IMG_9027

Ice-cold beers were flowing and delicious finger foods like meatballs, buffalo chicken skewers, and loaded mushrooms were provided by Portland favorite Laurelwood. Thanks, Matt!! Crema brought over home made cookies. OMG, they were yummy.IMG_5727

Dr. Kim ran the Optomaps giving Yelpers a free extensive retinal scan and a detailed explanation of the digital images that came with the flash of bright light. It’s the newest technology in ocular health screening, often times an alternative to being dilated! The images are pretty amazing and we have it here at Myoptic. You should get it done at your next exam for sure. Looking into your own eyes…how cool is that?IMG_5751

We are so thankful for all of the Yelp Elite who came out for the night. We could not have asked for a better group of people to roll through. Everyone was so open to trying the Optomap and playing with all of the eye tests that we had out. Not to mention, learning about what makes someone a Yelp Elite was super interesting! We need to work on our Yelping skills, that’s for sure.
There was a raffle for one lucky Yelper to win a complete set of frames from our exclusive line, twenty ten! The winner has already come in for his exam and our lab is hard at work at getting him into his prize! Congratulations again to William for winning the raffle! We can’t wait to see you in them, they looked great on you!

To check out the rest of the photos from the event, please go to our Facebook page to peep the rest! It was a great night of laughter, learning and making new friends.

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