If there is one frame line we are most excited about this year, it would have to be MOTHERSBAUGH, designed by Mark Mothersbaugh, frontman for DEVO and award winning composer for dozens of film, TV shows and video games.

Here he tells Paste Magazine about how getting glasses changed his life:
“I have a really bad astigmatism and extreme myopia. I could see just enough to make it around a room but kids would throw a ball, and it would hit me in the head. I was happy and just kept running around because I didn’t know that I was any different than anybody else. The teachers at school would ask me to read the board and I’d say, ‘What’s a board?’” and they’d put me in the corner. Finally they tested me, and it was like “Oh my God, he can’t see the big ‘E’ on an eye chart from 12 inches away.

On his new eyewear collection he launched only this year:
“There’s a long lineage of frames that I remember being referred to as “welfare frames” when I was in Akron. Then l.a. Eyeworks did the first version I saw in stainless steel and I really liked those frames. I liked the reflective surface because there’s kind of a Zelig thing there where you’d walk into a room and somebody across from you was wearing a green sweatshirt and the glasses pick up the exact color that they’re wearing. You’d pick up bits of color and light and dark and patterns. I made this one pair that on purpose is sort of the thickest of the three pair, the widest amount of reflective surface, and I’ve been wearing the templates of those for about a year and a half now. And they’re kind of my frame now.”

The line is small and very bespoke with 3 frame shapes for now that are available in both prescription and as sunglasses.  The Akronite, The Mutato (shown above) and The Francesca.Mothersbaugh Eyewear

They are currently available exclusively at our Laurelhurst studio only.

Mark-Mothersbaugh_612x380_0 2


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