We’re excited to announce that Harry Lary’s eyewear has arrived to both of our Myoptic locations and they’re quickly becoming a crowd favorite.  Learn more about their quality and fantastic design below! 

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Harry Lary’s is handmade in France under the creative direction of Theirry Lasry, a third generation Parisian optician.  Theirry’s designs have a strong presence and are perfect for those looking to be bold.  Retro-futuristic styles saturate the collection with creativity and elegance, making it impossible to think of them as anything other than timeless chic.

The colors of these frames certainly doesn’t fall short to their amazing design. The styles are rich and unique in color and even occasionally contain flecks of gold or copper leaf.  Looking for something slightly more understated? Some Harry Lary originals come in beautiful matte finishes allowing the emphasis to be on that eye-catching shape.

What’s the best thing about Harry Lary’s? The fit! Only an optician can create bold styles that still look flattering on your face. Theirry’s careful consideration to perfect proportions add a wear-ability to these designs that make the comfort unrivaled by most. 

Harry Lary’s eyewear roll out two collections a year including new exclusives, vintage materials, and unique color combinations.  Stop by and see what we have at our locations soon!  We’re very excited to add this line to our frame selection and believe me, you won’t be able to take your eyes off ’em either!
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