Earlier this Summer Myoptic¬†helped to sponsor an annual scholarship event for Pride Foundation which took place at the Doug Fir. ¬†The modest ceremony introduced us to many of their young scholarship¬†recipients¬†around Portland this year. ¬†We had the chance to hear so many inspired stories from the recipients and some heartbreaking challenges¬†they’ve faced but also their optimism and plans for the future. ¬†Many of these¬†courageous¬†future leaders have plans for community service as well.

We have¬†always¬†felt grateful to be a part of Portland and it’s¬†principles of local¬†pride,¬†contribution and community. ¬†It’s why, from our very first day,¬†Myoptic has¬†always¬†given a percent of our profits to local causes that our customers and patients help to choose. ¬†And in the past five years,¬†with¬†the support of our patients,¬†we’ve¬†been able to¬†support some¬†incredible charities and non profits like Mercy Corp, The Oregon Food Bank, OPB and others.¬†And now we are so happy to include our¬†newest partner, Pride Foundation.¬†

Pride Foundation is a regional community foundation that inspires giving to expand opportunities and advance full equality for LGBTQ people across the Northwest. They address existing and emerging communities needs through investing in organizations, students, and leaders in urban and rural communities to ensure that all LGBTQ people are able to be who they are, where they are. Since their scholarship program began in 1993, donors and volunteers have helped Pride Foundation award over $3.9 million to over 1,500 scholars, making it one of the largest LGBTQ scholarship programs in the country supporting both LGBTQ and straight ally students as well.They also recognizes students who may not identify as LGBTQ, but who have contributed to the LGBTQ community. These may be the children of LGBTQ parents, or just friends of our community that have demonstrated leadership in advancing LGBTQ equality.

More than just scholarships, Pride foundation is grounded in other social justice philanthropy as well. 

They are committed to:

  • Harnessing fundraising, grantmaking, program, and advocacy efforts to address root causes of discrimination impacting the LGBTQ community;
  • Supporting community leaders and organizations that work to eliminate long-standing barriers to equal access, opportunities, and resources for LGBTQ people; and
  • Expanding and deepening the level of engagement among all LGBTQ people and allies, including people who are economically, racially, socially, geographically, or politically disenfranchised.

We are so proud to add them to the list of community causes we now contribute to so together with our patients we can positively impact so many lives of LGBTQ people and families across the Northwest.

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