There are so many over-the-counter lash enhancing products on the market, tempting us with long, thick, beautiful “natural” lashes. No more extensions, no more glue, just your own lashes. Sounds good, right? Think again. Many of those products can contain harsh chemicals that may actually damage your eyes and/or causes serious irritation. 

Not to worry, you don’t have to write it off completely. There is a safe, clinically studied, lash enhancement serum on the market called Latisse. It is available by prescription only, and can be filled at any pharmacy.

Who is Latisse for?

Latisse is designed for use by patients who have thin or short lashes, or have noticed a thinning/lightening of the lashes, and would like to improve them. It stimulates the hair follicle to grow longer lashes, and more of them. So if you want longer, thicker, natural looking lashes, it could be for you. Some patients do not feel the need for mascara after using this product, others choose to continue using it. 

How do I use Latisse? 

Latisse is applied nightly, to the upper lash margin, after all make up has been removed. It comes with little brushes you simply apply along the lash margin, as you would eyeliner. Latisse is NOT meant to use on the lower lashes. 

Are there any side effects? 

Some patients will notice slight itchiness along the lash margin, and a faint darkening of the skin along the lash margin has been observed. Neither of these have been significant enough, from my clinical experience, for any patients to discontinue use of the medication. You should be careful with the application; if you were to continuously get it outside of the lid region, unwanted hair may grow in that area.

How long should I use Latisse? 

As long as your want your lashes to be longer and thicker. Most patients will notice a significant different in their lashes within the first 30 days. It’s important to remember that your lash growth is cyclical, so once they fall out and new ones grow in, they will need Latisse also. 

How do I get Latisse?

When you come in for your next routine check, just mention it to one of us doctors. As long as there are no contraindications, we can write you a prescription and you are welcome to fill it at the pharmacy.

Do you recommend it? 

Definitely. I have used it myself for years, and I think it is amazing. When I am consistent with it, my lashes are noticeably more lush. The photos in this gallery accurately show what sort of results you could expect.

If you are thinking about any sort of lash enhancement, or have any questions about Latisse, come on in and we can talk about it. Feel free to check out their website for more good information.

Dr. Hibbert

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