Did you know that the United States has not passed a major federal law regarding the safety of what is in our personal care products since 1938?

Unfortunately, there are very few toxins and chemicals that are banned in the United States unlike the European Union that have banned over 250 chemicals. How many chemicals have the U.S. banned from our beauty and make up products to date? Only 30!

These products that we use daily not only affect our systemic health but can affect the health of our eyes.

It is time to consider that what we put on and around our eyes may be contributing to your dry and red eyes. It is time to re-think the mascaras, eyeliners, and eye shadow that is applied to the lids and and the lid margin commonly known as the water line.

The chemicals in these products can cause plugging of our meibomian glands. Many of the make up products we use can flake and superficially plug the openings of our glands. These glands play an important role in providing the oil layer of our tear film and this layer serves to protect and seal the layers of the tear film on the cornea. Please see attached picture of make up flaking and clogging meibomian glands.
These openings are located in the lid and open on the lid margin, behind the lashes.

First, consider using make up products free of toxins. I recommend researching companies such as Beautycounter and Ilia. Secondly, consider using an eye make up remover like WeLoveEyes formulated for the eyes. Discuss the use of lash lengthening serums or eyelash extensions/lash lifts with your optometrist.

Further make up recommendations:
Clean eyes start with clean brushes
Avoid waterproof mascara or other oil based makeups that can build up as debris on contacts
Avoid loose glitter and powder eyeshadow. Try cream based products.
Avoid fiber lash lengthening mascara-the fibers can enter the eye and cause mechanical irritation
Try hypoallergenic products
Replace cosmetics every 6 months at least. Replace eye makeup every 3 months
Always apply makeup outside of the lash line to avoid clogging the oil glands on the lid margin
If you have dry eye avoid mascara that flakes or powder make up
Remove all makeup before sleeping
Put contacts in before makeup and take contacts out first before removing makeup

Every day chemicals to avoid:
Sodium laureth sulfates

By: Dr. Sagina O’halloran

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